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Rotary Peace Fellow- Cornelia Weiss

Rotary Peace Fellow Cornelia Weiss at the final presentation at the Rotary Peace Symposium in Bangkok. Part of our great fortune as Peace Fellows was to travel to Nepal for our foreign field trip. My two favorite talks there were 1) from the retired Nepali general who oversaw the demobilization, disarmament, and reintegration of Maoist combatants after the internal war in Nepal and 2) from the head of a trekking company that was the leader in employing women as trekking guides – a radical change in position, status, economics, and cultural norms. My one Nepal request, as a foreigner, was not to become ill. I don’t think that one is ever granted. I learned so much during my Peace Fellowship in Thailand and will be processing it for a long time. I cannot thank you all enough for supporting and sponsoring me. I trust it will pay dividends in the future. With all of my appreciation, Cornelia Weiss

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