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Terry & Kathy Stokes Named PostNet Franchisees of The Year

PostNet Neighborhood Business Centers names Terry and Kathy Stokes of Steamboat Springs, Colorado, as 2015 Franchisees of the Year during its Thrive 2015 convention. The Stokes have owned a PostNet franchise for 18 years, and this is the second time they have earned top franchisee honors.

Ski Town U.S.A Morning Rotary's Terry Stokes and his wife Kathy have been named PostNet Franchisees of the Year for 2015 for their Steamboat Springs PostNet location.

The Stokes have owned a PostNet franchise for 18 years, and this is the second time they have won the award.

"Not only do they have their fingerprints on this organization, but they have made an indelible mark upon this comany," says PostNet CEO Steve Greenbaum. "They have always been leders, willing to get onboard and to question. They ahve been involved in committees adn in the Advisory Council over the years. They match all our core values. They are a vital part of who we are."

"Over the years, I have learned a lot about this business, this company and its franchisees,” Terry Stokes said upon receiving the award. “Sometimes, you ask yourself how you got up every morning for the past 18 years and kept striving for excellence. It boils down to having the desire to serve people by taking away their worries. You get so much out of it.”

Terry tells his fellow franchisees he has come a long way since his early days as a franchisee, when he would go to work hoping that a customer wouldn’t arrive with a question he couldn’t answer. He went to his first convention with a desire to imitate the franchisees who were succeeding. Now he is on the other side of that equation. Terry now says that he feels a little “old school” during the seminars on online sales at the convention, but it’s the learning aspect and the human interaction among franchisees that “keeps us getting up every morning with a need to fill your soul by helping people.”

Terry and Kathy first met 30 years ago while waiting tables at a ski resort in Colorado. Terry says his wife’s example at the workplace to stay positive and never to get flustered exemplifies her family’s trait of selfless giving.

“One of the reasons we love being a part of the PostNet franchise system is that we love what we do,” Kathy said. “Why do we join so many committees? It’s because we want to be a part of this company. We want to make sure that everything is on the right page moving forward. We want to be involved in everything that affects us.”

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