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Rotary International Convention

For the first time, our club president (to be) has expressed an interest in attending the Rotary International Convention, which will be held in Korea March 28- June 1, 2016.

So what exactly is the Rotary International Convention? Why should PE Scott Parker attend? And how will our club benefit from this?

Rotary International Convention is a chance for Rotarians from around the world to gather in one place to build good will and better friendships while learning about the rich culture of the host location. Thousands of Rotarians from clubs near and far, speaking hundreds of different languages, with a variety of local traditions gather in Seoul Korea to share insights into their personal Rotary success. The convention includes sessions focused on what's important for clubs to continue reaching their goals in the years to come while sharing fellowship and honoring Paul Harris' commitment to networking.

Why Should Scott Attend?

At Convention, Scott will be able to connect with thought leaders from around the world, as well as hearing from world class speakers including Rotary International's president KR Ravindran. He will also have the opportunity to learn about the nuts and bolts of Rotary with special sessions from Rotary experts in project planning, grant funding, social media and more.

Most importantly, Scott will be able to meet other like-minded Rotarians from around the world. Since the purpose of Rotary is to network and meet new friends, this will be one easy spot to continue to expand Ski Town, U.S.A Morning Club Rotary’s connections.

With Steamboat's club represented at the International Convention we have the opportunity to make connections with clubs around the world, while learning best practices to bring back to Northern Colorado. With new connections that Scott makes, we may learn of interesting International or domestic projects that fit well with our club's goals. We can learn about how to recruit the next generation of Rotarians and how to keep Rotarians active. Scott will have the chance to ask Rotarian leaders and peers about issues that impact our club and how we can learn and grow from them. There are great opportunities for our club to gain a wealth of knowledge, while also sharing what makes our club unique with new friends.

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